Very Vigie puppy

What is a Very Vigie puppy like?

Our goal is to breed healthy American Cocker Spaniels that are typical to the breed. Every litter is thoroughly planned and it is based on choices that consist on knowledge, skills and experience for several decades. Our aim is to know every dog used in breeding so that we also know its character. Character is one of the most important criteria to us together with health. We only use dogs that are health checked; hips, eyes and knees at minimum.

Puppies grow with our family so they are used to regular things as to children and other dogs. They are also as socialized as possible and housetraining has also started with us before they are able to move to their forever homes. In addition we have bathed and trimmed our puppies several times starting at the age of 5 weeks or so. Of course they have had their deworming medications and vet checks too. We know each puppy individually and every puppy is very dear to us.

We promise you a lifelong support with our puppy. As breeders we would gladly like to hear how our puppy is doing in its new home. We wish that with any kind of question you would contact us, no matter if they are good or bad. We hope that our dogs are health checked when they become 2 years old, this is the only way to try to create a healthier future for them.

Few things when you ask a puppy from us. Please do not ask the price first, it is not the main thing for us either. We focus on finding the right family for each puppy. Tell us about your interest, about your experience with dogs and why you want an American Cocker Spaniel. These are the things we would like to know. We have a very thorough breed database In Finland which provides a lot of information from breeders. Please check that first and if you still want our puppy, contact us preferably via email which is found on contact us-page.